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repair of the gas water heater

Central Heating System Services in Birmingham

Whether it's a service, installation or repair, RS Heating and Plumbing Ltd can provide the right solution for you.

repair of the gas water heater

RS Heating & Plumbing Ltd can identify and fix any potential difficulties you may be experiencing with your boiler. Your boiler needs to be maintained every year in order to last as long as possible. At a reasonable price, we can provide a wide variety of replacement parts, including fans, circuit boards, and pumps. With our emergency call-out service, we are ready to assist if your boiler unexpectedly breaks down.

Every year, landlords are required by law to have all gas appliances inspected for safety and functionality. The gas safety inspection and issuance of the gas safety certificate needed to keep renting out your property are services offered by RS Heating & Plumbing.

Interior of modern kitchen with gas cooker
Central heating system radiator showing the temperature valve

Your home's central heating system is an essential component. It's crucial that it's functioning properly because it's responsible for heating the radiators in the winter and providing hot water on demand all year long. If a problem arises with your system, you should have it checked out right away. Contact us today to get a free quote

Need an engineer to install a new gas cooker you just bought? No matter the appliance, our specialists in Birmingham are prepared to quickly and efficiently install the replacement unit. You must make sure that a certain level of caution is exercised while installing gas appliances in order to assure safety. At a time that works for you, our heating specialists can swiftly and effectively install your new gas appliance.

Burner on a Gas Cooker
Fixing a Leaking Sink

Is your bathroom tap dripping or is your kitchen flooded from a burst pipe? Since we know that leaks and burst pipes can be a big problem, we make sure to provide a quick and effective emergency call out service. We will get to you as soon as we can to examine the matter and make it right. Read more about us to know more!

Boiler Repairs & Services
Landlord Gas Checks
Central Heating
Gas Cooker Installation
Plumbing Leak Services

Great job, done quickly

"Came out the same day for a boiler which had broken down. Steve was very professional and thorough in identifying the problem and fixed it there and then. Will definitely keep his card for next time!"

10th March 2017

Are you having boiler and heating issues? Get in touch with RS Heating & Plumbing Ltd in Birmingham today.

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spare part for boiler
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